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- Adventure Activity Programs

In 2012, Uniting Venue SA introduced activity programs at three of our five campsites – Adare, Nunyara and Tarooki.   At the time over 50% of campsites across Australia were successfully providing programs and it was clear that we simply needed to make a start.

In the year just passed (our fifth year) Beyond Limits hosted a little over 100 programs at six different locations.  Our activities and programs are now designed within the framework of a ‘Sequential Camps Experience’.  A school group can attend a four / five / six year level program camp at Nunyara, then progress to a seven / eight program camp at Adare, a nine / ten program tent camp at Adare and return to Nunyara for a leadership retreat in years 11 / 12.  Most schools conduct their own program for 11 / 12 leadership retreats however we have been successful in providing team building activities of approximately 90 minutes in duration (generally on the morning of each day of their retreat).

We now employ 20 permanent and casual staff who all maintain an active Christian faith and we provide a number of Catholic, Independent Christian Schools and government schools a sequential camps experience across a variety of year levels.

- Merry Christmas

Best wishes and a blessed New Year - Merry Christmas from us to you.

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