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- Merry Christmas

Best wishes and a blessed New Year - Merry Christmas from us to you.

- Adare to host KCO 2016

Adare is pleased to be hosting, for the very first time, KCO in September of this year.  In recent years Adare has hosted a number of large groups including The Boys Brigade and Schoolies however KCO will be by-far the largest event held at the venue.

The theme for this year’s KCO is Burst – Life with Jesus. Children will explore how God is the author of new life and wants us to have new life as burst by Jesus. This is about beginning again, excitement, refreshment, freedom, energy and faith in Jesus.  The theme theme stems from KCO being held in the season of Spring in 2016 but also how KCO itself is starting afresh. This year of transition sees KCO growing out of what has always been and growing in a new way.

Preparations are well underway to host the hundreds of children and volunteers who are expected to attend this year’s event.  The major work undertaken was to move a number of caravan site powerheads to create a functional space for the stage area to be set up in.  This functional space will also benefit school and youth camps who currently use the space for activities and as a playing field.  Additional lighting was also added.

Adare looks forward to working with the KCO team during this year’s event and beyond as Uniting Venues SA seeks to play a greater role in the development of the Churches youth.

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