Programs and Activities

School camp programs, run by our own Beyond Limits Outdoor Education team, are available at Nunyara and provide excellent growth opportunities for participants. Beyond Limits provides curriculum-based programs for all year levels and are very happy to tailor a specific program to meet your needs and expected outcomes. Alternatively, you may choose to visit any number of local attractions and incorporate them with a part-program by Beyond Limits staff.

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Amazing Race

Through the fun of experimental learning, participants undertake a number of fun yet challenging activities to explore the dynamics of effective team work.

Billy Carts

Participants work together in teams to construct a billy cart and to race in a technical, timed course on our flat outdoor space.

Brain Twister

Participants are subjected to a series of team activities that require 'out of the box' thinking if the group is to be successful.

Bush Cooking with Shelter Building

Participants learn how to build and start a fire in a controlled environment, cook some delicious food and work in small teams to construct a shelter (hopefully waterproof).

Challenge Course

In groups, participants navigate their way through a series of challenging activities that require teamwork and initiative to achieve success.

Disc Golf

Participants are placed into small teams as they work their way around a frisbee golf course.

Initiative Plus

Finding balance in life can be difficult particulary when working with a team of others. Initiative Plus requires participants to use their balance, communication and teamwork skills to sucessfully undertake a number of elements including alsan's table, the skinny log and toxic swamp.

Mountain Bikes

Riders undertake a bike riding competency skills test followed by a challenging ride along one the the local bike paths.

Narrow Escapes

Participants engage in a series of challenging obstacles including low ropes, the wall, tires and spiders web. Success is dependant upon the group's level of teamwork, cooperation and encouragement.


Participants are taught how to read a map, use a compass and to pace out distances. With these skills, they navigate their way through either an on-site or a more challenging off site course.

Oval Games

In teams, participants undertake a number of activities designed to encourage participation as well as maximize teamwork - a great way to start camp.

Parachute Games

Participants engage in a seriesof team games where teamwork and cooperation is a must.

Tree Climb

Participants are challenged to climb to the top of the 12 metre high tree climb whilst trusting the belay team below. Will they face their fears and climb to the limits?

Water Obstacle Course

In teams, participants engage in a series of water based activities each requiring a high level of intiative and enthusiasm to complete the overall course.

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