Programs and Activities

School camp programs, run by our own Beyond Limits Outdoor Education team, are available at Adare and provide excellent growth opportunities for participants. Beyond Limits provides curriculum-based programs for all year levels and are very happy to tailor a specific program to meet your needs and expected outcomes. Alternatively, you may choose to visit any number of local attractions including Granite Island and the Whale Centre and incorporate them with a part-program by Beyond Limits staff.

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Amazing Race

In small tribes, students negotiate a series of challenging activities. To be successful, they require a high level of teamwork to collect maximum points for their tribe.

Aqua Adventure

When you don’t want to go to the beach we bring the water to you. Tribes work together in series of fun and engaging activities. Make sure you are not wearing your Sunday bests because chances are you will get wet.

Beach Games

In tribes, participants undertake a number of competitive beach activities designed to maximize teamwork and encourage physical participation – a great way to start camp.

Body Boarding

Time spent at the beach is an Australian constitution. Under the watchful eye of our qualified facilitators, participants are introduced to the ocean swells whilst learning how to body board and body surf.

Brain Twister

Students are subjected to a series of brain teasing activities that require ‘out of the box’ thinking if the tribe is to be successful.

Challenge Course

In tribes, students navigate their way through a series of challenging activities that require teamwork and initiative to achieve success.

Crate Stack

Students engage in building a tower made of milk crates but must be careful not to fall off - it requires the help of the tribe to build the tower.

Dry Raft Making

Select your equipment carefully because it is all you have to navigate the course, with your tribe as fast as you can with the minimum of disturbance to your precious cargo.


To be able to look back over the cliffs towards the Bluff after climbing up a big hill is a thing of beauty. Students have the opportunity to hike 14km of the world famous Hysen Trail.

Flying Kiwi

Students set their desired height (up to 13 metres above the ground) and with the assistance of their fellow tribe members enjoy the thrill of a lifetime.

Kayaking - Year 6 upwards

Following a safety test, students paddle to the mouth of the Hindmarsh River, students engage in a series of fun-filled flat water games - try not to get too wet!

Mountain Bikes - Year 6 upwards

Riders undertake a bike riding competency skills test followed by a challenging ride along one of the local bike paths.

Parachute Games

Students engage in a series of games where team-work and co-operation is a must.

Surf Rescue

Water safety is an essential life skill. Participants learn about the ocean and the dangers that may be encountered on Australian beaches. They also experience activities that surf rescuers have been involved in for generations.

Survivor Challenge

Based on the theme of the TV show Survivor, participants undertake a number of challenging activities to explore the dynamics of effective teamwork and experimental learning.

Team Building

Through the fun of experimental learning, students undertake a number of fun yet challenging activities to explore the dynamics of effective teamwork.

Water Obstacle Course

Students engage in a series of fun yet mildly challenging obstacles. Success is dependant upon the tribe’s level of teamwork, cooperation and encouragement.

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