Program and Adventure School Camps

Program and Adventure School Camps

School program and adventure camps are our specialty.  Our camps are affordable, fun, educational and safe. We aim to provide program and adventure camps which are positive, challenging and engaging.  Our programs provide the opportunity for experiential learning to take place with links drawn to key learning outcomes.  We aim to assist teachers by taking the preparation work out of camp, and by facilitating specialist camps for schools.

Beyond Limits is our own outdoor education and adventure program provider and is fast approaching 4,000 participants annually.  Since 2012, Beyond Limits has provided programs at Adare, Nunyara and Tarooki and the team of young Christian men and women will facilitate activities for approximately 105 groups in 2016 – that’s more than two programs a week for each school week of the year.

Beyond Limits is providing growth opportunities for the camps and conference centres as new programs are introduced.  In 2015 ‘tent camps’ were introduced at Adare and our activities at Nunyara for primary schools were expanded to include billy carts, bush cooking and shelter building.

The introduction of the new activities is a strategic decision to provide a ‘Sequential Camp Experience’ for the school students. Students can now attend Nunyara in years four, five or six; Adare in years seven or eight; a tent camp at Adare in years nine or 10; and return to Nunyara in years 11 or 12.  Tarooki provides another option for schools who are prepared to travel.

The philosophy behind the sequential camps experience is that students develop their skills, whilst not participating in the same activity twice, and receive consistent facilitation through the various year levels – our facilitators get engage with students better through the process of the sequential camp experience.


Located in Victor Harbor, Adare is built on spacious grounds and only a short stroll to the beach and local attractions. The ‘castle by the sea’ is more than an icon of the Victor Harbor landscape, it’s a fully functional and modern-fitted camp and conference centre. The centre hosts a variety of school camps throughout the year and has a variety of accommodation styles includes spacious tent sites, dormitories and ensuite style rooms. Adare is fully catered and boasts a number of well appointed and cosy meeting areas. Learn more about Adare >


Nunyara is situated in the Adelaide Hills on spacious grounds and only 20 minutes from the city. The centre can host up to 130 guests in two distinct accommodation styles - bunk bed, camp style or single bed, retreat style.  With the arguably the best meals in the industry, Nunyara offers convenient accommodation for rural schools needing to be close to Adelaide, relaxing conference facilities for corporate planning days and unforgettable urban camping experience. Learn more about Nunyara >


Close to the South Australian surf coast and nestled between Guichen Bay and Lake Fellmongery, Tarooki offers an idyllic seaside location for school, youth and community groups. This well-equipped venue was significantly upgraded in 2010 to create a more flexible and memorable conference experience. Tarooki located close to the town centre of Robe and can accommodate up to 74 people - self catered and catered options are available. Learn more about Tarooki > 

Beyond Limits

Beyond Limits provides onsite activity programs at Adare, Nunyara and Tarooki. Our qualified staff deliver tailor-made programs designed to promote communication, participation, team work, initiative and leadership within a curriculum framework. Book a program camp and allow us to take you beyond your limit. Learn more about Beyond Limits >