About Tarooki

Location: Robe, South Australia

Tarooki is located in Robe on the Limstone Coast, South Australia.  It is nestled between Guichen Bay and Lake Fellmongery in a quiet bushland setting at the entrance to the Robe township. 10 minutes walk will have you in the main shopping area.  Tarooki offers a wide range of environmental and beach activities both on site and in the surrounding areas. 

Tarooki is situated on 2 acres of natural bushland and adjoins an inlet which is home to much flora and fanua - providing places to study the natural surroundings or just lay back and enjoy them.  A secluded beach is a short walk across the bridge where Drain L meets the sea - an ideal setting for beach activites or another 3 minutes will get you to Long Beach, where you can surf windsurf or launch a sail boat.  Just across the road is Lake Fellmongery which provides a safe place to canoe, ski or study another natural water system.  Robe has it all when it comes to water and the natural enviroment.


Tarooki is Booandik (local aboriginal dialect) for "Seagull" and you will see a variey of these birds and many others during your stay.

The campsite was built in the early 1960's, purchased in the design of a woolshed and converted to dormitories and hall / kitchen areas.  It was built with mainly youth in mind but many upgrades over the years have made it a comfortable stay for families and adults looking for large group accomodation.

In 2010 Tarooki unvieled its brand new conference centre, with stunning views over Lake Fellmongery it is ideal for seminars, workshops and conferences.


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